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Get to Know Me!

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

Was that too cheesy? Probably. Um, I will start off with saying that I wanted to start this blog because I love to write. I also love to draw and read. A lot. I am thirteen years old and I live in the small state of Delaware with a family containing 7 other people. Honestly, I don’t know how I make it.😁 I was inspired to do this on a whim for many reasons. I have great friends and family who I hope will support me on this and not just make fun of me because of it. 😉

I am 100% introvert and bookworm. If you sit me down with a hot cup of tea and a good book on a rainy day, well, I guess it can’t get any better that that! To my close friends I will talk a hundred miles per minute, but if you stick me in a room with complete strangers, I can guarantee that it will not be a social event.

Someday I hope to fall in love and start a family of my own. I also hope to travel the world and complete every single item on my bucket-list.

Now reading other blogs, I have realized that each of us bloggers are unique in our own way. The way we write and express ourselves through our words say a lot about us. Each blog will be similar and different in their own ways. I started this blog in hopes that I can inspire people to look for the good in everything and to give someone an extra sparkle to their day!

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